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Both relaxing and moisturising, Jakira bath salts contain Pink Himalayan Salt from the Himalayan Mountain Range, Pure Magnesium Flakes from the Zechstein Sea Netherlands, Organic Cocoa Butter, fine Australian-made Fragrance & Rose buds.


Bath salts are one of the most natural, soothing and inexpensive ways to pamper and heal the human body. All types of salts have health benefits when used as bath soaks due to nutritive elements through absorption by the skin. Pink Himalayan Salt is the King of Salts, and is the purest of all the salts. Himalayan salt is an unrefined, unprocessed raw mineral mined from caves in the south-facing scarp of the Potwar Plateau in the Punjab region of northern Pakistan. It is buried amid mountains (literally) of sedimentary rock dating back over 500 million years ago. The salt that is taken out of here is revered as the purest of all the salts and is known as the ‘King Salt’ and originally served to royalty only (not common folk who used other salts) for both cooking and as a therapeutic ingredient. The nutrients contained in these salts are believed to improve the quality of skin by purifying pores and making skin smoother and suppler, and can help with some inflammatory diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, allergic reactions, rashes, dry and ageing skin. Soaking in warm salty water can sooth cramping aches and pain and also improve blood circulation. 


Magnesium Flakes (Magnesium Chloride) contain an incredibly beneficial mineral, helping to prevent muscle cramping and soreness as well as promoting wellness and relaxation. The magnesium flakes in the Jakira Bath Salts come from the Ancient Zechstein seabed, 1600m below Northern Europe. These exquisite flakes are free from modern pollutants, making them incredibly nourishing for the body and skin. The brine (salty water) is drawn up from deep under the earth and then dried into flakes, making it one of the most nourishing substances to soak and relax in. 


Organic Cocoa Butter (theobroma oil) is extracted from the Cocoa bean and is well known for it's moisutring properties. Cocoa butter replenishes skin's moisture and creates a barrier to protect your skin from moisture loss, making it feel smooth and supple. 


The fragrances contained in these bath salts are fine Australian-made fragrances. Pure Essential Oils can be used instead of Fragrance oil upon request. 


Note: Magnesium flakes still contain sea water inside them. Upon exposure to air in your jar (when it is half full or the lid is left off), the thin shell dissolves, releasing the sea water contained within the flake. If you see liquid  in the bottom of the jar towards the end, this is sea water that has been released from inside the Magnesium Flake. This liquid contains all the valuable nurtients and is still usable in the bath, it is just in liquid form rather than flake form.

It is recommended to soak for 20 mins, up to 3x per week. Make sure you drink plenty of water and be careful not to slip on the bath due to the Cocoa Butter. Enjoy!

Magnesium Flakes & Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

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